Our vast portfolio of completed projects encompasses a broad range of spheres, including applications in the following areas:

  • finance
  • education
  • electronic commerce
  • search and work with significant volumes of data
  • browser games
  • communication systems
  • and many others

Who we are

Novosibirsk Akademgorodok

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Our company has been operational since 2002…

…and is based in Novosibirsk, the scientific heartland of Russia. We are comprised of a close-knit team of highly-qualified professionals, engaged in the execution of diverse IT projects on both an applied and research basis. We make use of cutting-edge technology and forward-thinking approaches in order to create various software. More details >>

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Case studies Portfolio

  • Mathematical language translator

    One of the projects that we have successfully developed is an intellectual system which promotes effective learning. The system teaches calculus to students.

    We required a component that facilitates communication between humans and the system’s intellectual algorithms. Humans deal with standard math notation such as integrals or limits and are able to enter or edit math expressions via the WISIWIG editor. Conversely, the algorithms handle a special math language which is only readable by a machine.

    In light of the above, we developed a translator which is able to translate machine language to standard math notation and vice versa. In addition, the component is able to identify syntax errors within the information that a human has inputted, subsequently prompting the human to correct the mistake, and at the same time explaining where the errors are.

  • Real time management consoles

    We have developed several products for real time hardware monitoring and management. All of these systems enable their operators to monitor and manage the relevant hardware in real time using a simple web interface. The system operates with various types of hardware, for example one of the systems displays the condition of the devices of an internet provider. Another system displays the condition of software programs within large-scale virtual hosting systems. One system actually works in conjunction with hardware responsible for testing network conditions.

    The common feature of the aforementioned systems is their ability to immediately highlight events stemming from hardware and display the necessary information on the monitor of the operator who is responsible for the relevant hardware.

  • Business intelligence system

    The goal of this system was the automated monitoring of competitor activity on their websites. The system tracked the appearance of new information, as well as modifications to existing data, revealing information that had become obsolete and had thus been deleted from the sites. The system contained web-spiders which periodically crawled across approximately 100 websites of major competing European corporations and gathered information. An additional component of the system was a block analysis, which found pages that had been changed, removed or added and provided users with a convenient UI from which to view this information.

  • Web browser games

    Softaria has developed several browser games that enjoy significant success in the Russian Federation. The reliability and performance of these browser games is really worth highlighting. They operate 24×7, handling about 450 requests to the application server per second. The response time is approximately 5-7ms per page using a single physical machine.

  • Mathematical problem solver

    We developed a component which allows users to solve math problem in the browser. It includes advanced WYSIWYG math editor for entering formulas (with shortcuts and hints), tables, graphs and other math objects. To solve a problem user selects math objects and apply math actions (like integration, differentiation etc) to them.

    In addition this component tracks dependencies between math objects, supports undo/redo for math actions and copy/paste for math objects.

    Solver component can also teach student how to solve math problems. It interacts with the server in real-time and provide early feedback to the users.

  • Cloud-based file storage

    The objective of the storage is to provide a service for uploading/downloading large files to the distributed cloud-based storage. The storage architecture allows the system to be easily scaled via the addition of new servers. The files are uploaded in chunks, scanned for viruses and then encrypted with a user-specific key. Furthermore, the files can be password protected and shared with other users.

    Another significant part of the service permits companies to ‘white-label’ the service in real-time. They need only to provide a domain name, upload their SSL certificate and setup the DNS; they will then receive a fully-working service on their own domain with the ability to customize the style to suit their company’s own image and preferences.

  • Portfolio Management System

    This system enables private investors to effectively manage their investment portfolios. The system tracks quotes in the stock exchange in real-time and monitors portfolio changes.

    The user has the opportunity to set up special alerts and receive timely notifications. The system contains portfolios from professional investors that can be used as models. In addition, the system provides various tools for investment analysis such as historic simulation, risk analysis, advanced search and comparison for investment instruments.

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