Softaria service

Softaria creates systems which automate businesses on the internet, or the internal processes of a company.
These systems are accessible in any part of the world across various devices. Our systems are consistent with current industry standards of quality, and conform to international safety, production and availability requirements, being accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

These systems are orientated towards long-term, stable performance within the client’s infrastructure, thus support and the opportunity to develop them further is always at the forefront.

The system architecture is designed in such a way as to easily allow changes to the existing structure, or to facilitate the addition of new functionalities.

Our systems are supplied together with the source code, thereby enabling the maintenance and development of them to be performed simply either by our company, by a third party or by a client’s IT department.
In accordance with the wishes of our client we provide assistance with the choice of hosting, as well as with deployment and system maintenance.


Our specialists are constantly staying up-to-date with relevant technology stacks from which our projects are created. We utilize components from within a high quality architecture, thereby enabling high speed development in addition to guaranteeing the productivity, stability and safety of the developed systems.

Currently the majority of our projects are completed using the following technology: Java, Spring Framework, Angular JS. Other technological components are chosen depending upon the requirements of the particular project.

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