Competitors’ actions are a valuable source of knowledge for businesses aiming to lead and succeed. But spending hours collecting and deciphering competitor data can be overwhelming.

A major German manufacturer of household chemicals was looking for a solution to relieve the burden of competitor monitoring. We built a new application to monitor changes and updates on competitor websites and share the accumulated insights with the app owner.

Our solution helped the client optimize performance, increase productivity, reduce expenses, and create impactful marketing campaigns when competitors least expect them.


Enabling Data-Informed Marketing Decisions

Developed the application to collect all the updates, changes, and removal of data on 100 competitor websites.

Set up email notifications to inform the app owner of the website changes.

Business Application Development

Our business application development services can help you at any stage of the software development lifecycle. As we strategies, offer solutions, plan and execute, we deliver powerful business application systems that transform large and small businesses and meet user demands.

Other Case Studies

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