For some organizations, a search in a corporate network is a continuous feat fraught with misunderstanding and lost time. For others, the bytes of information discovered at crucial moments help sign the deal, innovate, improve product quality, and aid communication between people.

Infineon Technologies knew that business performance is largely contingent on how fast the team can find and access information. They wanted to build a smooth, straightforward path to the internal knowledge sources created over the many years of the company’s history.

Upon corporate network investigation, Softaria consultants discovered a huge amount of data stored in various formats and quickly recognized the need for a fast and efficient search engine. Paired with the business requirement to restrict access based on the user’s position in the organization, Anyfinder is a unique enterprise-level product that empowers the end users while minimizing security risks.


Access to Knowledge Bolstered by Fast and Relevant Search

What we did:

Initiated the stored information and knowledge assessment to identify an optimal knowledge access solution.

Built an advanced corporate search engine effectively balancing user needs, speed and security requirements.

Made sure the search engine crawls the data despite different file formats through the use of a series of adapters that convert each format into text.

Enabled the business to apply filters by user roles within the organizational structure and ensured the filters operate simultaneously with the search to restrict unlawful access.

Improved business productivity by providing users with direct access to relevant knowledge sources.

Scientific Data Processing

Our scientific data processing team is available for the engagement in complex research-based development projects. We deliver software solutions on the verge of science, business intelligence, and innovative technology. Get in touch to inquire about our approach.

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