When a business opportunity arises, having all the data at hand can make or break the deal. Similarly, when productivity is in question, giving people access to data is a sure way to speed up the process.

But as the amount of data and the number of processing applications continue to grow, institutions and companies face a difficult conundrum: how do you provide fast access to relevant data and reduce development costs at the same time? SMILA comes into play when a powerful search engine needs to be built, when the total cost of application development has to be lowered, and when a complete solution and practical framework are expected by the development team.

We at Softaria took part in the development of an extensible open-source framework for building enterprise search applications. The packaged solution helps businesses optimize IT costs and leverage the power of a high-tech search solution. At the same time, SMILA makes the lives of first-time search developers easier, taking the guesswork out of the search function creation and installation. Created for Eclipse Foundation and based on Lucene, our open-source project bears an incredible value for both business and IT professionals.


An All-Inclusive Highly-Configurable Search Framework from Europe

The solution allows to:

Build applications with smart search functionality to access unstructured information in the enterprise – all using one integrated package.

Devise an optimal scenario for a search function design in application development cases thanks to the system’s highly-configurable parameters.

Easily plug in other open-source tools, replace core components and integrate third-party products into the system.

Make use of a set of standardized connectors (crawlers) for data sources as well as integrate connectors from other data sources.

Utilize product’s interfaces to manage and monitor the framework and its components.

Scientific Data Processing

Our scientific data processing team is available for engagement in complex research-based development projects. We deliver software solutions on the cusp of science, business intelligence, and innovative technology. Get in touch to inquire about our approach.

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