As businesses expand and grow, the need for structured, streamlined workflows becomes apparent – and when it comes to managing company finances, every detail matters. After expansion revealed a degree of internal chaos, the “Group R” company approached us with the idea of creating a smart budgeting system.

We were asked to formalize the process of budget planning and execution, and help create a unified system for the company’s multiple branches and entities.

Despite having to take into account various transfers between business entities, we enabled an effective mapping of budgeting processes that fits the client’s entire business model.


Perfect alignment of the budget and business strategy

Developed functionality to give users control over every budgeting-related action, including tracking and recording of items, transactions, transfers, currency exchanges and so on.

Transformed the existing budgeting system and brought disparate budgeting actions performed at various company branches into one system.

Built sophisticated budget planning features to help create monthly and quarterly plans.

Allowed for simple and effective budget approval and budget performance monitoring processes.

Business Application Development

Our business application development services can help you at any stage of the software development lifecycle. As we strategies, offer solutions, plan and execute, we deliver powerful business application systems that transform large and small businesses and meet user demands.

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