Charged with turning something very difficult into something simple, we were tasked with creating a product that would propel the users to financial freedom. But understanding the quirks of personal investment doesn’t come easy.

Combining investment know-how with our specialist software development expertise, we created a powerful tool that turns personal investing into an enjoyable money-making experience.

We were asked to help develop simulation, monitoring, rebalancing, and analysis features, and do it all with a great user experience in mind. Simple yet powerful, our solution remains a go-to place for ETF investors in Europe and worldwide, providing everything needed for strategic investment and financial success.


The new, smarter way to invest

Built and released the app to make complex investing strategies simpler and better.

Developed business logic to provide investment plan recommendations based on user response and risk-return profile.

Set up the system to offer personalized suggestions on which ETFs to buy and sell.

Defined how the app would integrate with banks for seamless transaction management.

Business Application Development

Our business application development services can help you at any stage of the software development lifecycle. As we strategies, offer solutions, plan and execute, we deliver powerful business application systems that transform large and small businesses and meet user demands.

Other Case Studies

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