Testing an app’s behavior under different conditions is a prerequisite for a great user experience, yet load testing requires months of preparation. To ease the burden for enterprises and large-scale projects, the LoadStorm team took on a mission to make load testing fast and easy.

As part of an app building process, we were involved in the development of a solution that would allow a transparent start of the application on Java in MS Azure.

We joined the development team to make a long and tedious load-testing process as effortless and easy as 123, creating a program that allows Java applications to run in the cloud.


Enabling Java Application Operation Inside Azure

Developed two technology solutions – the first runs in the cloud and launches Java applications in the cloud; the second runs on the client’s machine, uploads a Java application to the cloud and connects to the first app to launch the Java application.

Built functionality to force the applications inside Azure to stop and be updated.

Business Application Development

Our business application development services can help you at any stage of the software development lifecycle. As we strategies, offer solutions, plan and execute, we deliver powerful business application systems that transform large and small businesses and meet user demands.

Other Case Studies

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