When users demand on-the-go access to knowledge, it’s an opportunity for business to create and innovate. For a startup aiming to assist in the evolution of the fast developing eLearning industry we created the first mobile client for Blackboard eLearning suite 6.

Despite the challenges faced by the team in 2005, rooted in the underdeveloped nature of Blackboard API, we successfully released a fully operating mobile client – one of the first in the eLearning industry.

To ensure full functionality and give users unlimited mobile power, we reverse-engineered Blackboard web client and recreated frequently used actions on mobile.


First Mobile Client for Blackboard Built from the Ground Up

Developed mobile client prototype on j2me

Circumvented 2005 Blackboard API limitations by reverse-engineering the web client to provide access to a full range of user operations on mobile

eLearning Solutions Development

At Softaria, we believe the best eLearning solutions defy the status quo, improving the learning process from both the student’s and teacher’s points of view. We want the students to enjoy the learning process while they gain deep specialized expertise in the subject. This is what distinguishes us from other software development companies.

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