Sometimes innovation means being the first to create an opportunity for those who most need it. Founded in 1933, the Siberian State University of Geosystems and Technologies is known for its high-quality educational programs and substantial research base.

But the traditional in-class mode of education limited the institution’s ability to attract new talent and cater to the educational needs of the population in remote areas. Additionally, as the internet revealed opportunities for distance learning, regional universities started losing their student base to competing central institutions.

We were tasked by the Siberian State University of Geosystems and Technologies to help build a new organizational unit, based on the principles of digital learning and unrestricted access to knowledge.


Helping Upgrade the Business Model of an 85-year-old University

Designed and developed a full-scale LMS system for distance learners.

Mapped the complex logic of the system to ensure gradual knowledge acquisition – new learning modules are revealed only when the prerequisites are complete.

Built a user-centric environment providing easy access to online exams and training materials in all the available formats: lecture notes, reference materials, guidelines, and videos.

eLearning Solutions Development

At Softaria, we believe the best eLearning solutions defy the status quo, improving the learning process from both the student’s and teacher’s points of view. We want the students to enjoy the learning process while they gain deep specialized expertise in the subject. This is what distinguishes us from other software development companies.

Other Case Studies

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