eLearning Solutions for the Modern World

Traditionally, businesses and educational facilities were forced rely on textbooks and classrooms to deliver their course material. This required teachers and instructors to be present at all times, which further required many manual procedures to manage the learning process and track progress. Fortunately, there is a better way to do it.

In the modern world – eLearning has become increasingly popular thanks to the flexibility, efficiencies, and cost savings offered by digital learning solutions. Students & attendees can now easily get their education from anywhere at any time, while managers & instructors can better keep track of learning performance while making adjustments as needed.

eLearning Solutions Types

All eLearning solutions generally fall into two broad categories, and will usually contain elements of both. This will be determined in the scope and design phase of your project.

Learning Management Systems (LMS)

A Learning Management System (or LMS) lets you create, distribute, and track educational materials and their usage across your entire user base. These can range from relatively simple systems, such as a small business with only a few sales training courses, to immensely powerful enterprise-level systems for handling globally accessible education programmes with advanced analytics features.

eLearning Authoring Tools

eLearning Authoring Tools let you create educational / training content, and publish it in a suitable format. This can include universal formats such as PDF or HTML, to eLearning specific formatting standards such as SCORM (Shareable Content Object Reference Model) or xAPI (eXperience Application Programming Interface, formerly known as Tin Can).

eLearning services

Examples of eLearning Implementations

Most projects will include some elements of both Learning Management Systems (LMS) and eLearning Authoring Tools. This is determined in the scope and design phase of your project.

eLearning Mobile Applications

We will build a customized mobile app for your eLearning use case. Naturally we can handle both iOS and Android apps. We can also integrate eLearning functionality into an existing mobile app.

eLearning Responsive Web Applications

We will build a web application for your eLearning case that will automatically adjust itself based on your user’s screen. This means your application can be used in any web browser (including mobile).

Customized Training & Education Modules

If you already have a working LMS, or simply need to add one (or a few) eLearning course(s) to your offering – we can help you extend / integrate a custom eLearning module for your organization.

System Updates, Customization, & Extensions

We will help you upgrade and/or customize your existing eLearning system. You can add or expand any feature or capability you desire, and then seamlessly integrate everything into your main systems.

We support the “Big 3” eLearning LMS platforms


We build eLearning Solutions for People Who Care about Education & Learning Outcomes

At Softaria, we believe the best eLearning solutions not only include the educational processes of an organization, but also the culture and values of that organization. This is what separates you from what everyone else is doing.

  • eLearning for Schools

    Whether you are a school educating children or a top-ranked university educating the next generation of professionals – we can help you build a holistic teaching & learning management solution that helps your students and professors maximize their educational performance & learning objectives.

  • eLearning for Startups

    Do you have a great idea for a new and innovative eLearning solution? We can help you build it! Our full stack developer services for startups focuses on developing solid “proof-of-concepts” for investors, and then turning your idea into a viable commercial product ready to disrupt the industry.

  • eLearning for Businesses

    More and more businesses are using eLearning solutions to educate staff and provide a transparent training process to ensure compliance. We can build an eLearning solution to help your employees improve their competencies, and/or teach end users to take better advantage of your products.

  • eLearning for Enterprises

    Enterprise eLearning solutions require more sophistication & scale to efficiently deliver educational content to thousands (or even millions) of users across the planet. We have the expertise to help you design & build such solutions, and have proven our capabilities among the world’s leading enterprises.

Need some extra developer support to complete your large eLearning project?

We offer developer team augmentation services, for agencies and contractors who occasionally need extra developers to complete large projects on schedule.

Main Benefits of Softaria eLearning Solutions

We offer end-to-end software development services, which means we can come in and help you already from the earliest stages of the project (such as requirements gathering & scoping).

  • Awesome Code

    We are expert software developers & data analysts with decades of experience in eLearning.

  • Full-Stack Developers

    We can handle everything from frontend to backend, using all of the industry-standard tools.

  • Developer Support Service

    Need some extra help for a large project? We can help you get it done on time and on budget!

  • Continuous Stability

    We use stable and predictable methods to ensure nothing happens to your production system.

  • Continuous Delivery

    We use the DevOps ideology to ensure continuous progress in a stable and predictable way.

  • Effortless Scalability

    Software solutions are useless if they cannot scale with you, so we make sure that you can.

  • Great User Experience

    We are always thinking of the end user & their experiences; including deep user data analysis.

  • No Infrastructure Lock-in

    We use Docker to ensure that you can deploy your new custom software solution anywhere.

  • Advanced Data Analytics

    We are highly experienced data scientists, and many of our clients take advantage of this.

  • Advanced Formulators

    We have a lot of experience building formulation systems for scientists and mathematicians.

Success Story

Intelligent Calculus Teaching System

In traditional systems, students choose their answer from several predefined variations, and the system then tells you if the answer is right or not, without providing any further information.

Our intelligent system allows students to enter the whole solution step-by-step, and then automatically provides feedback like a human teacher would. Right now this solution is being used by several leading US Universities, and new versions are currently under active development.

Get Started on Your eLearning Project Right Now!

Whether you have just a basic idea or a fully developed system in dire need of an upgrade – we have the expertise and experience to help you get it done on time and within budget.

Success Story

Original University LMS

We developed a custom Learning Management System (LMS) for a leading Russian university. In their case, it was the faster and less expensive option compared to licensing and customizing Blackboard – since the LMS had to satisfy local regulatory requirements as well as the university’s wishes.

The LMS enabled the university to better manage the entire learning process for local students, as well offering distance learning opportunities. This increased the number of students attending the university several times over.

What features can be included in your eLearning solution?

Generally speaking just about any feature can be included in your eLearning solution provided enough time and resources. In practice, there are certain features that are more commonly requested than others – plus there are certain specialties we offer for any eLearning solution.

Here are the most popular requests we get from our eLearning clients:

Unlimited Courses & Modules

Naturally, many organizations need eLearning solutions that can expand with their training & educative needs. Thus, we build solutions that can help design, build, and manage entire curriculums.

Special Formatting for STEM Fields

STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math) often require special formatting to make calculations and describe functions. Most of which is not easily available on a standard keyboard.

Advanced Mathematical Functions

Higher level math and science course often require the ability to make very complex calculations, while presenting all the “working out” notation in an acceptable format for evaluation and publication.

Communication & Collaboration Tools

This can include any form of text messaging, voice calling, or video conferencing tool – integrated seamlessly into your eLearning system to provide multiple communication options for students & teachers.

All Forms of Rich Media

This includes videos & motion graphics, as well as audio such as podcasts & other sound files. Being able to offer multiple types of content is generally a much sought after feature in most cases.

Educational Gamification

Many organizations have found success in improving learning outcomes by employing gamification techniques. This helps make the educational experience more fun for students, while rewarding progress.

Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT)

Instead of relying on live instructors and teachers to manage your courses or classes, you can use a virtual instructor to handle extra attendees or otherwise offer extra classes as needed.

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)

Make your eLearning offering available to everyone at any time. All your users have to do is signup and login, and they will have access to your entire curriculum in an instant.

Social & Private Forums

Collaboration and discussions are essential to achieving the best learning outcomes. We offer a multitude of communication options so you can connect students and teachers more easily.

Advanced Behavioral Analytics

This goes beyond “standard” analytics to measure attendance and completion rates, diving deeper into the psychology of your user base, to gain more insights throughout the educational experience.

Instant Feedback & Polling

Feedback is essential for ensuring a smooth learning process and achieving the best educational outcomes. Therefore we can offer a variety of feedback and polling options to help achieve this.

Deep System Integration

If you are an organization with a well-established IT system, then it may make more sense to integrate any new solution into your existing systems, rather than running multiple separate platforms.

Ready to talk about your eLearning project?

We can help you build a brand new custom eLearning solution, or extend your existing solution.

Popular eLearning Use Cases

Here are some of the more popular reasons for clients seeking to engage our eLearning development services:

  • Adding eLearning Options to an Existing Curriculum

    For schools and universities seeking to add online courses to their curriculum for any purpose.

  • Building an Online Education / Training Academy

    For educational institutions that want to develop an online presence or expand it.

  • Multi-System Integration

    For cases when you wish to combine multiple separate systems into one holistic solution.

  • Learning / Business Process Automation

    For cases when you want to transform manual / paper processes into digital processes.

  • Product & Service Training

    For businesses seeking to educate employees and/or customers about their products & services.

  • Customer / Employee Onboarding

    For organizations seeking to teach employees and/or representatives about company policies.

  • Safety & Compliance Training

    For organizations requiring safety training & other regulatory oversight to ensure compliance.

  • Change Management Training

    For organizations undergoing a large cultural and/or business change which requires retraining.

Final Word on Softaria eLearning Development Solutions

Every organization faces a need to better train employees, customers, or both. Every educational facility needs more ways to provide quality education and improve learning outcomes.

Our eLearning development solutions will help you to save time, money, and effort – while delivering excellent knowledge retention rates and learning outcomes. We know and understand how to deliver the ideal eLearning solution to meet and exceed your expectations.

Contact us right now to get started.

We offer world-class software solutions at a friendly price for startups, small businesses, and consultancies.

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