Web Application Development for Accelerating Your Business

Web Applications offer businesses a superior way of providing online / digital services to customers and employees. In previous decades you needed a separate website, mobile application, and desktop application to deliver software-basesd services through all possible channels – and often multiple versions of each to sufficiently cover all your operational requirements.

Today however, you can achieve all of these things using one well-designed web application. This means many organizations can benefit greatly from developing a robust web application to deliver all their online services. So instead of being stuck supporting multiple websites, portals, and applications – all these capabilities can be combined into one powerful system.

We build Web Applications for Forward-Thinking Organizations

Many organizations are rapidly embracing web applications to meet their business demands, competitive aspirations, and to deliver more value to customers.

  • Web Applications for Education

    Whether you are a school for young children or a university educating the next generation of professionals – we can help you build a custom web application to deliver any capability you desire. This includes eLearning, management, and other administration solutions.

  • Web Applications for Startups

    If you have a great idea for an innovative web application to disrupt the market – we can help you build it! Our full stack services focuses on developing solid “proof-of-concepts” to help you acquire investors, and also turning your raw idea into a commercially viable product.

  • Web Applications for Businesses

    Web applications offer businesses many benefits and advantages, such as removing the need for separate portals and mobile apps. Our highly experienced full stack developers can help you design and build a complete web application solution for any purpose you can imagine.

  • Web Applications for Enterprises

    Web application solutions at the enterprise level generally require more sophistication to efficiently deliver digital services on a global scale. We have the knowledge and experience to help you at any stage of the software development cycle, from ideation all the way to release.

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We have the proven knowledge and expertise to build any web application you can imagine

Softaria Web Application Development Services

Web applications are like websites, meaning that you can build practically any type of website or web application you want – and your content / offering is what makes it unique from all others. Accordingly, there are three main categories of web application development services we offer:

  • Original Web Applications

    We will build your web application entirely from scratch. Even if you only have a vague idea of what you want your unique web application to do – we can help you develop the concept, produce a scope, and develop a finished product to the agreed specifications.

  • Web Application Developer Team Augmentation

    If you are already building a custom web application in-house or through a 3rd party – but then you discover you need more developers to finish the project on schedule. You can call and hire our talented developers, and we can jump in right away to support your team.

  • Customizations, Upgrades, & Extensions

    If you already have an existing web application, but it has become outdated or too cumbersome to use – we can help you fix it! We offer complete full stack developer services to help you customize, upgrade, or extend your existing web application for any purpose.

Need some extra developers to complete your large web application project?

We offer software developer team augmentation services for agencies and contractors who occasionally need extra help to complete large projects on time and schedule.

Holistic Web Applications for Any Need or Purpose

A holistic web application may include a broad array of features and functionality, depending on your particular use case and preferences. For example you can use your internal API to deliver data services, widgets to display data from different sources, Joomla as your CMS, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) as your on-demand cloud computing platform – all using one custom-designed web application.

The options are practically unlimited – so we must carefully consider our choices to ensure your web application will work efficiently, provide all the digital services you require, and be reasonably straightforward to maintain over a multi-year lifecycle.

Popular Web Application Development Requests

Web applications are incredibly flexible business tools, and can be extensively customized to employ a vast array of design choices and approaches. That being said, there are certain design approaches which are more popular or more commonly requested than others.

  • Responsive Web Applications

    Most organizations want their web applications to be usable on both desktop and mobile browsers. Responsive web apps offer you this capability by automatically adjusting to the user’s screen size, and can even be an alternative choice to developing a separate mobile application.

  • Single-Page Web Applications (SPA)

    Single-page web applications are a popular design approach today, because they are generally faster and more streamlined than multi-page applications (MPA). Technically we offer both approaches, but generally favor the SPA approach unless there is a compelling reason otherwise.

  • Web Applications with Integrated API(s)

    Many organizations offer their own API, and most organizations use an API in one form or another to connect with multiple systems. Naturally, we can add the resources and functions from any API(s) you desire, and integrate them seamlessly into your custom web application.

  • Widget-based Web Applications

    Many use cases are incredibly complex, and depend on multiple systems to deliver the full range of services and capabilities. Using a widget based approach enables you to support each system separately, so you can prioritize updates for critical widgets rather than the whole system each time.

  • Multi-Platform Web Applications

    Some organizations depend on hardware and/or software platforms to enable one product to work with another – or have otherwise built their entire solution upon a particular platform(s). Naturally, we can include and/or integrate any preferred technology platforms into your web application.

  • Web Applications with Content Management System (CMS)

    Most organizations rely on a CMS to manage and publish content on their websites, and web applications are no different in this regard. Popular choices for integrating a CMS into your web application includes (but is not limited to) Joomla, Magneto, concrete5, and Drupal.

Need some talented developers to complete your large web application project?

We can help you turn your raw idea into a commercially viable reality.

Popular Web Application Use Cases

Here are some of the more popular reasons for clients seeking a custom web application solution:

  • eCommerce Web Applications

    Such applications generally include multiple payment options, order / delivery tracking, and highly secured access as mandated by all relevant legal and regulatory requirements.

  • eLearning Web Applications

    Such applications will generally include a learning management system (LMS), various authoring tools, data & analytics services, and a content delivery system (such as a CDN).

  • Mobile App Solution Replacement

    A web application can replace the need for a separate mobile app, though you can still list your app as a “native” mobile application on Google Play and/or the App Store. Ask us how!

  • Digital Services Delivery Apps

    Technically speaking, all web apps deliver digital services in some form. If the focus is purely on content however, we can offer numerous ways to enhance & streamline performance.

  • Business Process Automation (BPA)

    Remove the need for manual processes & take the step to digital transformation! Such projects may include extending existing IT systems, deploying a new BPA system, or a combination of both.

  • Technical Process Automation

    Technical process automation involves connecting hardware systems into a data network in some form; so data can be automatically collected, processed, and delivered faster than manual processes.

  • Games for Mobiles & Browsers

    We have built and launched several successful games as a publisher, and can help you do the same! We can even publish your game as a “native” mobile app for all the app stores if you desire.

  • Web-Based Communication Apps

    If a message can be sent over the internet in some form, we can build the web application to manage and deliver these messages – whether using text, voice, video, or all three.

A selection of the technologies we use

c sharp

spring framework


Final Word on Softaria Web Application Development Services

There are an incredible variety of benefits to launching your own custom web application, which would be impossible to describe on a single web page. Some of the benefits you may enjoy include but are not limited to:

  • Global accessibility through any device
  • Cost-effective development & maintenance requirements
  • Easier to keep your whole user base updated at all times
  • Easier to scale & customize as the situation demands
  • Simpler sharing of data between multiple systems & platforms
  • User access, data privacy, & data security are much easier to monitor & control at all times
  • A single web application can replace the need for separate websites, web apps, & desktop applications
web application development services


Our web application development services can help you in any stage of the software development lifecycle, while saving you time, money, and effort to produce the best possible results. We have the proven knowledge and experience to deliver the ideal web application solution to meet and exceed your expectations.

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