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eLearning Solutions

Translating knowledge into learning experiences

We help companies develop intellectual software systems that enhance learning outcomes for students and have the potential to transform the field of education.

Understanding the challenges of adapting traditional education to the realities of the digital world, our eLearning consultants always go beyond the problem as given. We work with you to enrich the process of learning and increase knowledge retention rates. Most of the time this involves in-depth research into learners' needs, full immersion into the taught subject, and building a bridge of communication between the science, humans and the machine.

Our Expertise

We believe the best eLearning solutions not only include the educational processes of an organization, but also the culture and values of that organization. This is what separates us from everyone else.

Learning Management Systems (LMS)
Learning Content Management Systems (LCMS)
eLearning Portals
Massively Open Online Courses (MOOC)
School ERP Systems
Workplace eLearning Tools

Our Technology Solutions

These are some of the advanced features that can be included in your eLearning solution

Advanced Mathematical Functions
Calculate a variety of complex functions and present the working steps in a format suitable for evaluation and publication.
Advanced Behavioral Analytics
Measure attendance and completion rates and gain deep psychological insights into user behavior throughout the educational experience.
Educational Gamification
Improve learning outcomes by making the experience fun for students, while rewarding progress.
Collect data about user actions to personalize learning experiences and exchange information with other learning technology products.
AI and Predictive Modeling
Predict desired outcomes based on patterns in past performance and deliver content that caters to individual needs and learning preferences.

Our Approach

Our process is simple, yet it's defined by these strict principles:

Every project is unique
Every project has a unique set of goals and requirements that we thoroughly explore before proposing the solution. Keeping informed about the latest advancements in the eLearning industry, we apply our knowledge carefully, always putting our client's needs first.
Advanced UX & science tools
We have access to and leverage the research resources of one of the largest scientific centers in Russia, cooperating with high-profile scientists on advanced user data analytics, scientific informatics, large-scale data management and complex software systems development.
Deploy the right mix of technology
We're fully aware of the range of eLearning components and technology available these days. Our knowledge allows us to employ technology solutions that fit project requirements and provide optimal return on investments.
Simple solutions to complex challenges
We always look for ways to bring simplicity to the chaos of the problem space, embedding a specific set of practices to remove the obstacles obfuscating the issue and reveal the most advantageous and straightforward path to success.

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