The administration of the Novosibirsk region was looking for ways to arrange budget performance data processing and formalize the collection of budget requests from the region’s educational institutions.

The client was stifled by the circumstances that define data collection in rural areas: the majority of educational institutions did not have access to the Internet during the time of the project implementation and had a courier transporting all the data on a removable medium.

We developed a three-part solution that prompts correct data entry, prevents human errors, allows for frequent updates according to new requirements, and facilitates automatic data processing.


The next generation public education budgeting system

Developed a three-part solution to meet the needs of both budget distributors and budget performers.

Built functionality to allow for prompt creation and modification of data collection forms.

Designed and developed a complex verification procedure and used data encryption to prevent human errors.

Enabled users to create sophisticated reports, download data, and analyze entered information.

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