Our Story

Softaria has a strong history of identifying and synthesizing advantageous technology across the landscape of innovation. Following major technological shifts, over the course of 16 years we have gone through three business expansion stages:

  • Custom software development

    Our custom software development stream has been operating since the start of the company. We’ve developed software applications for clients in a variety of fields, from banking and industrial sectors to IT startups and FMCG firms. These were projects ranging in duration from six man-months to 25 man-years. In total we executed over 50 first-rate IT solutions, capable of high load balancing and supportive of simultaneous user interactions.

  • Business automation

    The years from 2002 to 2008 were marked by the development of a company-owned line of IBM Lotus Notes and Domino-based products. At the time, our offering included end-to-end solutions designed to automate budgeting, document management, recruiting, personnel certification, and task-tracking processes. The solutions were universally acclaimed and implemented in an array of medium-size Russian businesses. Subsequently, we were recognized as one of the top three market leaders in electronic document management and workflow automation systems development.

  • Mobile game development

    Since 2011 Softaria has been running game development operations. We’ve built a number of multiplayer games for mobile web browsers, including a successful RPG game with over a million installations and high numbers of concurrent players. In addition to standard mobile games, we developed and launched a VR-based game for mobile devices.

Softaria Now

Today our company provides services in business applications, eLearning, and full stack development. We help businesses of all kinds, including enterprises, IT startups, and educational institutions. As far as concrete technology solutions are concerned, our interests lie in the following fields:

Blockchain Cloud Computing Functional Programming AI Internet of Things VR/AR

Examples of Our Work

The Art of Complexity in the Corporate Search Engine Development
For some organizations, a search in a corporate network is a continuous feat fraught with misunderstanding and lost time. For others, the bytes of information discovered at crucial moments helps sign the deal, innovate, improve product quality, and aid communication between people.
Custom Cloud-Based Solution for Load Testing
We were asked by Loadstorm to develop a custom solution that runs Java applications in the cloud. The two applications we created operate simultaneously: as one uploads the Java application to the cloud, the second is already running in the cloud and launches the uploaded application from there.
First Full Framework for Semantic Search Application
When a business opportunity arises having all the data at hand can make or break the deal. Similarly, when productivity is at a question, giving people access to data is a sure way to speed up the process.
Making Do-It-Yourself Investing More Accessible
We developed the system that enables users to replicate the strategies of professional investors by looking at their uploaded portfolios, as well as to create their own unique ETF portfolios. Along with simulation, monitoring, rebalancing, and analysis features, the system was set up to provide an entire fluctuation history of the quotes to help users analyze the profitability of their portfolios in real time.
Cleaning up Big Data
Big data comes with big promises. When used to support decision making, big data creates a realistic picture of the market, annihilates human biases, and instills true confidence. But when big data becomes a swamp, its value decreases to zero.
Competitor Insights for Superior Marketing Strategy
We helped one of the leading German manufacturers of household chemicals to achieve better marketing results, all while minimizing effort and reducing operational costs. Our team built an app that scans and collects data from 100 websites and provides insights into competitors’ marketing promotions.
First Mobile Client for Blackboard Built from the Ground Up
We developed one of the first mobile clients for the eLearning sector when the mobile industry was about to gain momentum. Despite the challenges of the underdeveloped nature of 2005 Blackboard API, we successfully released a fully-functioning mobile client.
Perfect Alignment of the Budget and Business Strategy
When business expansion started jeopardizing Group R’s financial health, we were approached with a request to create a unified budgeting system. We effectively mapped the budgeting processes to fit the company’s complex business model.
A Global IT Knowledge Platform for High-Performance Network Engineers
When Indeni approached us with the idea of creating a network security monitoring tool, our technology consultants took on the challenge of developing the most important part of the system – a web console to give access to collected data and reports from a variety of network security-related resources.
From a Traditional Education Institution to a Digital Innovator
In an attempt to inject innovation into an outlived business model and cater to students’ needs, the Siberian State University of Geosystems and Technologies partnered with us to develop a comprehensive distance learning platform. We created an LMS that offers countless possibilities for independent learning in a supervised study setting.
From Uncontrollable Flow of Data to Seamless Data Management
We delivered a unique user-controlled system to streamline data processing following LIDAR data collection. Usually disconnected from each other and operating in a chaotic way, LIDAR data processing applications were brought to order by our smart technology solution.
The Next Generation Public Education Budgeting System
Public education systems are often fraught with inefficiencies and challenges. We developed a solution to bring the efforts of numerous educational entities together in one unified budgeting system, thus helping the Novosibirsk Administration ensure the data is duly collected, processed, and maintained.
Turning Calculus Into a One-of-a-Kind Experience
Being part of a larger development team, we created an intelligent eLearning system to help students acquire the skills and knowledge needed for solving calculus problems. The system prompts users step-by-step towards the solution and provides timely feedback just like a human teacher would.

Ready to Get Started?

At the core of everything we do are diligent research and a thorough examination of our clients’ problems and business goals. We specialize in complex software challenges. Get in touch to see how this approach can help you.

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