Test Your Business Idea Using a Product Prototype

Test Your Business Idea
Using a Product Prototype

Looking for fast and inexpensive ways to test your business idea?
Thinking of how to pitch your business idea to investors?

We will create a product prototype to help you test your business idea!

The process of working with us is transparent and predictable

We will

  • Sign an NDA
  • Learn your product idea and business goal
  • Document the requirements to ensure the correct understanding of the final goal
  • Provide you with accurate cost and time estimations for prototyping your product
  • Develop a product prototype that meets your business goal

There are two approaches to developing product prototypes


If you want to test a new business idea

To make sure it is viable before developing it, it’s best to:

  • Save as much time and cost as possible
  • Develop an exploratory prototype to find out if the idea is viable
  • Be ready to throw the prototype away and replace it with a final product later

Exploratory prototypes cannot be used for product development as they are neither scalable nor extensible. The sole purpose of developing one is to evaluate the viability of a product idea.


If you are sure your business idea is viable

If you are just looking for ways to save initial development costs and go gradually, it’s best to:

  • Create a product prototype that can be used in the development of a final product
  • Take some time to make architectural decisions
  • But only spend as much time as needed to develop minimum viable features

Such a prototype will be similar to a minimum viable product (MVP). We have a plan on how to transit such prototypes into production quality solutions without redeveloping them.

Prototypes We Have Developed


Before rebranding its social network to xing.com, OpenBC decided to run focus groups to evaluate new approaches. Developing a new system just for research purposes seemed impractical to the company, so it contracted us to create a working prototype with a new user interface.

The company used the prototype to improve user experience and eventually launch xing.com without major usability flaws to fix.

Budget: 20,000 USD.

Instagram Sentiments

For this project, we developed another kind of prototype. The purpose was to quickly evaluate the workability of the approach to solving a non-trivial problem. We prototyped an algorithm for evaluating the tone of text comments. The prototype was designed to load comments from an Instagram account, evaluate their tone (which could be positive or negative), and provide statistics. The prototype helped the client decide whether they should use this approach in developing a final product.


Budget: 14,000 USD.


Gradarius is a system for teaching calculus. An important part of the project was the development of a web interface for entering solutions to complex mathematical problems. Students were supposed to enter their solutions as sequences of formulas and get real-time feedback.

We prototyped user experience to create a truly user-friendly interface. We consequentially developed several prototypes and used the most successful one in developing a final product.

Budget: 30,000 USD (for 3 prototypes).


We prototyped a mobile client for a complex LMS system with a web interface that had no API. We reverse-engineered the system to create a mobile client that would interact with it the same way a web application should. The purpose of the prototype was to demonstrate to an investor the technical feasibility of creating a user-friendly mobile client.

Budget: 25,000 USD.

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