Softaria’s approach to data management is based on the confluence of scientific research and technology expertise. We help our clients identify opportunities that lie within data by employing scientific discoveries and complex algorithms in real-world problem solving.

We are comfortable with innovative solutions development where the scope is unclear and preparatory research is required to identify the best possible course of action. This approach results in the invention of competitive intelligence unparalleled in its power, speed, and ability to deliver business results.

Our solutions are sought after and implemented worldwide.


  • Data Scientists from the Academy of Science

    To achieve optimal business results, we engage scientists and Ph.D. holders from the Sobolev Institute of Mathematics – the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Science. Cooperation with this scientific institution allows us to implement the newest findings in data science into software development.

  • Integration of IT Expertise with Scientific Knowledge

    We have a strong grasp of established technology and track upcoming technology trends. At the same time, we maintain strong ties with the scientific research community. This ability to bridge the gap between the two worlds produces an original and novel outlook on business problems.

  • Complex Algorithm Research & Development

    We have worked in project environments that required advanced mathematical and logical skills for the development of complex algorithms. We are able to communicate both with the users for requirement gathering and with data scientists for successful implementation of chosen algorithms in business operations.

  • Preparatory Research to Identify Optimal Solution

    Softaria’s research activities aim to achieve two main goals – to identify the most advantageous path for problem solving and mitigate project risks. We use analytical as well as forecasting research methods. Following on from these research activities, we offer solutions, supported by data and proof of concept, that can then be turned into products.

Featured Projects

We’re known for solving the most difficult problems and swiftly delivering efficient, ready-to-go solutions to our clients. Our portfolio includes intellectually challenging eLearning platforms, sophisticated trading systems, and smart technology solutions for data processing.

Cooperating Institutions

Softaria has an office in Akademgorodok – one of the main science centers in Russia

This proximity to the center of academic research creates a variety of opportunities for the company in the scientific software development field.

The territory of Akademgorodok is occupied by 35 research institutes.

Since 2004 we have worked on a number of large-scale high-technology solutions in a close collaboration with the Sobolev Institute of Mathematics – the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Science.

Following the establishment of productive relationships with these research institution, companies in government, industrial, educational, and railway sectors began to engage Softaria in complex computer systems development.


To develop highly relevant business intelligence tools and decision support systems, we employ our expertise in the following data management activities.

Data Integration & Warehousing

We help organizations bring data from various unrelated sources into one place, untangling data flows and thus preventing loss of crucial data on the path from a data source to the end user. We can build or update an existing architecture to reduce duplicates, put an end to long-running analytics queries, and improve output data quality.

Data Cleansing, Quality & Integrity Assessment

As having consistent data quality leads to a more accurate and comprehensive picture of business, we offer services to make sure your data is correct at any given point. We can detect erroneous data entries, eliminate inaccuracies, identify incomplete data records, and replace incorrect fields with relevant data parts. The field where we have achieved the greatest results is cleansing and validating of Big Data with the help of complex algorithms.

Data Security

We expose opportunities that lie within data, holding security equally important. We’re adept at employing all available measures to ensure an organization’s digital privacy, including unauthorized access restriction, data encryption, user identity verification and many more. Our development assignments include building specialized solutions for improved data security.

Data Mining & Predictive Analytics

To help make sense of data, we develop technology that transforms raw data into meaningful information. We also address large dataset challenges with the help of data mining techniques such as clustering, pattern tracking, regression, and prediction. With complex algorithms at the core of our solutions, we provide businesses with access to predictive technologies and help create data-informed strategies.

Big Data Strategy & Consulting

Our capabilities are not restricted to the four main data areas. We can help overcome challenges in Business Intelligence, Database and Online Marketing, Customer Relationship Management, Information Technology and other areas, however complex or out of the ordinary the request might be.

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