We Will Develop a Frontend for Your Backend

We Will Develop a Frontend for Your Backend


Why outsource frontend development to Softaria?

  • We have successfully developed frontends for multiple products.
  • Our clients recommend us.
  • We use modern technologies.
  • Outsourcing frontend development to us will save you time and cost.

What frontend will we develop for you?



We will optimize its size, and it will use lazy loading wherever possible


Mobile friendly

We will develop layouts for mobile and PC that look different but share common components



We will cover it with a set of integration tests using Puppeteer to ensure its reliability


SEO friendly

If required, we will do prerendering or server-side rendering to make your pages searchable.


Android & IOS

We will use React Native to make a multi-platform native application or create one using Flutter



It could work offline. We can make it progressive web application when required



It could be multilingual. We can integrate it with a localization platform, e.g. lokalise.com.


Well designed

We will develop a well-structured code according to industry best practices.

Frontends We Have Developed

Splitty Travel

Splitty Travel, an innovative website for booking hotels, had worked for years before their owners decided its existing UI had become a bit outdated. They hired us to completely rewrite the system frontend, keeping the existing backend, to make the system mobile-friendly and achieve a score of at least 90 on Google PageSpeed Insights.

We rewrote the website frontend using React.js and TypeScript. We developed a lot of integration and speed tests using Puppeteer to ensure the system load time did not suddenly degrade. To decrease the website load time, we applied several techniques, such as converting it into a PWA, heavily applying lazy loading, analyzing, and optimizing the sizes of its distributions.

Here is the client’s review at clutch.com

Budget: 75,000 USD.


Indeni, an Israeli startup at that time, had a great idea about creating a server infrastructure monitoring system and very good engineers onboard to implement its backend.

However, their team did not include any frontend developers. They requested us to create a frontend for the system they had developed that would provide various information in different forms in real time. We were to create a console that would provide some rarely changed information faster than the backend.

We developed both a frontend and a complex caching system to ensure all the visualized data represented the system state at a certain point in time and all the visualized parameters were time bound.

Budget: 50,000 USD.


Intigua created an innovative product for managing software agents in a distributed network. The company's engineers focused on writing the business logic and outsourced frontend development to us.

Budget: 60,000 USD.


Our client needed a mobile client for Blackboard eLearning Suite, even though there was neither documentation nor an official API to work with.

We reverse-engineered the Blackboard eLearning Suite web application and developed a mobile one that simulated a web browser. That mobile client became the first Blackboard eLearning Suite mobile client ever.

Budget: 25,000 USD.

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