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Case study

Interactive Math Recognition Technology

Industry: Education Region: Russia Technology: Fast-check, TypeScript, Webpack Volume: 3 man years
The Challenge
While mathematical symbols have long been translated into a format that a computer can understand, the machine’s ability to recognize the meaning of a formula written by a human using common math notations remains limited. To expand the possibilities of mathematical language usage online became the goal that fueled the creation of Matharia.
Our Mission
In the process of building an e-learning platform meant to help students learn calculus, our engineers stumbled upon the problem of translating formulas created by humans and fraught with implicit and contextual meaning into a machine-readable format for the platform to interpret the input correctly. Having discovered this significant technical limitation in the mathematical world, we set about creating a technology that would recognize the meaning of a mathematical formula entered in real-time while being utilized by multiple online users.
The Solution
Matharia combines recognition functionality for entering formulas created with standard mathematical notations in real time and math understanding for extracting the meaning of a formula. Thanks to Matharia, the semantic meaning of a formula becomes available for the application in various learning, business, and scientific settings.
Advanced Formula Understanding Powered by Interactive Math Recognition
What you can achieve with Matharia:
Understand mathematical meaning in real time - Matharia recognizes the meaning of a formula as it’s being entered into the browser by the user.
Ensure syntactic and semantic correctness - ultimately improving user experience, Matharia provides contextual clues that are relevant, on point and helpful - all thanks to a unique semantic understanding capability.
Provide advanced accessibility - Matharia empowers product owners to design applications that are truly accessible for all regardless of circumstances and abilities.
Create powerful user-friendly math applications - the number of possible uses of Matharia are limitless. No matter how its capabilities are used, implementing Matharia eventually leads to a greater understanding of math in a computer world.
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